The Practical Spring LDAP book has been updated to use the latest 1.3.2 release of Spring LDAP. Other dependent frameworks such as Spring and open source tools such as OpenDJ have also been updated.

To make Practical Spring LDAP widely available, the book has been republished by Apress. It can now be purchased online or at a brick and mortar bookstore.

About the book

The Practical Spring LDAP is a comprehensive guide for developing applications using Spring LDAP Framework. This book starts with fundamental concepts of LDAP and then dives into Spring LDAP addressing the problems it is intended to solve. It then provides an in depth treatment of LDAP controls and new Spring LDAP 1.3.2 features such as Object Directory Mapping and LDIF parsing. Additionally, the book focuses on the practical aspects of unit/integration testing LDAP code.

What's Inside

  • A simpler approach to developing enterprise applications with Spring LDAP
  • Advanced features such as transactions and connection pooling
  • Clear, working code samples with unit/integration tests
  • A deeper look at LDAP search and out of the box filters supplied by the framework
  • New features such as Object Directory Mapping and LDIF parsing
  • Detailed treatment of search controls and paged result implementation
  • Helpful tips that can save time and frustration

Who the Book is For

Practical Spring LDAP book is intended for developers interested in building Java/JEE applications using LDAP. This book also teaches testers techniques for creating unit/integration tests for LDAP applications. The book assumes basic familiarity with Spring Framework. Prior exposure to LDAP is helpful but not required. Developers who are already familiar with Spring LDAP will find best practices and examples that can help get the most out of the framework.

Where to Purchase

The book is available for purchase online at the following locations:

Author Contact

It has been an absolute pleasure writing this book and sharing my insights. If you have any questions or feedback about the book please email me at